General Meeting – 22 April 2010

The next general meeting of the ION North Star Section will be April 22nd in Mechanical Engineering Building Room 1130 at the University of Minnesota ( ).

Please email us at, if you plan to attend.

The agenda for the meeting is:
6:00 Meet and Greet
6:30 Welcome and Section Business
7:00 Keynote Speaker
8:00 Closing remarks

Sandwiches and beverages will be served during the Meet and Greet portion of the meeting.

The keynote presentation will be:

Title: NASA AirSTAR: Subscale Flight Testing for GN&C
Presenter: Austin Murch
NASA has developed the Airborne Subscale Transport Aircraft Research (AirSTAR) flight facility to allow flight research, validation, and system testing for flight regimes that are considered too risky for full-scale manned transport airplane testing. The AirSTAR facility utilizes dynamically-scaled vehicles that enable the application of subscale flight test results to full scale vehicles. This presentation will give an overview of the facility, flight operations, current research capabilities, and future directions.

A short unofficial video of a flight of the dynamically scaled vehicle that was flow as part of this program can be viewed through YouTube at