General Meeting (2009-12-03)

The next general meeting of the North Star Section will be on Dec 3, 2009 at the University of Minnesota. The meeting will start at 5:30 PM with beverages and sandwiches. The location will be Room ME 1130 at the University of Minnesota, East Bank (

The key note speaker will be Yohannes Ketema Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics. The title of the presentation will be In-Situ Step Size Estimation using Dynamic Models of Human Motion. The  abstract for presentation is:
     In this presentation we examine the answer to the question of “How much
     useful information can be gained about personal navigation by
     incorporating ideas from dynamic models of human motion?”  In other
    words, can kinematic and kinetic models of human motion as virtual
    sensors in a dead reckoning system used for personal navigation?”  To
    this end, we attempt to address the issues associated with using these
    models as sensors to aid in arresting the position drift that is
    inherent in other dead reckoning schemes such as step counting or
   shoe-mounted inertial measurement units.

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The kinetic model discussed in
   this presentation is one that will provide a real-time estimate of
   step-size and, thus, can potentially augment algorithms which rely on
   step counting or shoe mounted IMUs.