General Meeting at Honeywell on Oct 27th

The next general meeting of the North Star Section will be held at Honeywell’s Stinson Ridgway facility on October 27th, starting at 6:00 PM. If you plan to attend follow the special instructions at the end of this email.

The address of Honeywell, which is 2 miles north of the University of MN, is:

    2600 Ridgway Parkway
    Minneapolis, MN 55413


When you arrive go to the Guard Desk on East side of the building. This entry is on the back of the building. Please use the parking lot that is accessed by way of the second Honeywell driveway east of Stinson Blvd on Ridgway Parkway.

      6:00-6:30 pm             Social time, including beverages and sandwiches
      6:30-7:00 pm             Tour of Honeywell’s Gyro Manufacturing
      7:00:7:45 pm             Keynote speaker
      7:45           pm             Conclusion


Keynote Speaker:

Ryan Supino
Senior Scientist RDE, Honeywell Advanced Technology, Advanced Sensors and Microsystems
Presentation Title:
Current and Future Directions in Gyroscope Development


Presentation Abstract:

Even as GPS location technology has rapidly expanded in military, automotive, and commercial applications over the past decade, there is a continued focus on inertial sensor development due to concerns regarding GPS reliance for military, aviation, and first responder applications.  Of particular interest is the current and future direction of gyroscope technology.  Current research efforts are focusing on improving performance and reducing the size of sensor technologies to enable a new range of inertial navigation applications.  This discussion will focus on a wide range of gyroscope research trends ranging from MEMS gyro and IMU miniaturization to development of high performance atomic inertial sensors.  


If you plan to attend, you must do the following:     

     Honeywell employees who are US Citizens or
     Permanent Residents (Green Card holder)
         RSVP to
     Honeywell employees who are not US Citizens nor Permanent Residents
         RSVP to

         Contact Chuck Bye at Honeywell for Honeywell employee specific
              instructions by Oct 20nd.
         RSVPs received after Oct 21st may not be processed.
    Non-Honeywell attendees:
        Complete the Honeywell Visit Request Form.
        RSVP and email the form to by Oct 21st.
        You will be emailed confirmation that your visit has been approved.
        RSVPs received after Oct 21st may not be processed.

If you have any questions, please email me at