Section Bylaws are show below or can be downloaded at North Star Chapter Bylaws, 2010-03-01



of the




 1 March, 2010




In accordance with these Bylaws, the North Star Section of the Institute of Navigation is authorized, established, and organized as a scientific society whose goals are to advance the art and science of navigation.


The objectives of the Section are to encourage the creation and dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the technical and current issues relating to all forms of navigation; and to further education and communication.  The Section will provide a regional forum where concepts and ideas related to navigation can have the benefit of open and informed discussion.


To increase the Section’s knowledge base and to form communication networks, new members with technical interests in navigation and related fields will be recruited from government, industry, and academia.





All members of the Institute of Navigation (ION) in good standing residing within the boundaries of the North Star Section shall be members of the Section, except that if dues are levied as authorized by Article II, only those members within the boundaries of the Section who elect to pay Section dues shall be members of the Section.  Boundaries of the Section shall include the area to be covered by the state of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin West of Tomah, WI.





No dues separate from those provided for in the Bylaws of the ION shall be levied on members of the Section unless voted by a majority of votes cast at a meeting of the Section.






Section 1.  Chair.  The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Section.  The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Section at which The Chair is present.  The Chair shall appoint and be a member, ex-officio or otherwise, of all committees of the Section, including any branches that may be organized, subject to guidance of the ION Regional Vice-President, who shall keep informed of activities and conditions within the Section.  The Chair shall serve as a member of the ION Council and shall support the Regional Vice-President in reporting to the Council on Section activities.  The Chair shall be responsible also for any other Section duties not assigned or delegated to others.  The Chair shall make such reports to the members of the Section as the Chair deems desirable or as required by the membership, being responsive to their wishes and receiving counsel as appropriate from other Section officers.


Section 2.  Secretary.  The Secretary shall be the chief administrative officer of the Section.  The Secretary shall keep an accurate list of members, coordinating with the ION national office.  The Secretary shall send out notices of meetings, and other information as requested by the Chair.  The Secretary shall send a copy of annual meeting schedules to the Regional Vice-President as required by Article X, Section 8, of the Bylaws of the ION.  In the absence, incapacity, or by delegation of the Chair, the Secretary shall perform the duties and exercise the authority of the Chair. The Secretary shall carry out such additional duties as prescribed by the Chair.


Section 3.  Treasurer.  The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Section.  The Treasurer shall receive, safeguard, and expend Section funds as directed by the Chair, and keep an accurate record of Section finances.  The Treasurer shall carry out such additional duties as prescribed by the Chair.


Section 4.  Programs Chair.  The Programs Chair shall be responsible for organizing meetings of the Section.


Section 5.  Publicity ChairThe Publicity Chair shall be responsible for publicizing the goals activities of the Section, and coordinating fund-raising activities.  The purpose of the publicity shall be to enhance participation in and support of Section activities by Section members and potential members.


Section 6.  Outreach ChairThe Outreach Chair shall be responsible for organizing outreach activities. This includes organizing and managing significant events that publicize and develop support for the Section.



Nomination, Election, and Removal of Officers


Section 1.  Nomination and Election. The method of election shall be defined by the Section’s Officers by majority vote. The method of election shall meet the following requirements:

  • A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Chair
  • Officers shall be elected annually between May 1st and June 15th.
  • The Nominating Committee shall have sole authority to manage the election process.
  • The decisions of the Nominating committee are final unless overruled by a two-thirds vote of the Section Officers.
  • Nominations may be submitted in advance to a member of the Nominating Committee or from the floor of the Nominating Committee meeting.
  • Nominations must be seconded by a person attending a Nominating Committee meeting.
  • Nominations shall be finalized 15 days prior to the election at a Nominating Committee meeting.
  • No nominee shall be considered unless the nominee has stated the nominee’s willingness to serve if elected.
  • The results of all elections shall be reported to the Regional Vice-President, with copy to the National Office of the ION, within 15 days of the elections.


In the event that the Section is not functioning, the Regional Vice-President may declare all offices vacant and appoint a temporary Chair to serve until the next meeting at which time the officers shall be elected to fill out the unexpired term. 


Section 2.  Term of Office.  The term for officers voted into office shall start on July 1st. An officer shall serve until a successor takes office, the officer is removed from office, the office is declared vacant as prescribed in Section 1, the officer moves from the Section or succeeds to another office, the officer resigns from the office, or the office is abolished.  To resign an officer must send a letter of resignation to the Section Chair or to the Regional Vice President of the ION.


Section 3.  Removal of Officer.  Any officer may be removed from office by a two-thirds affirmative vote of Section members attending any regular meeting or special meeting requested by petition of voting members of the Section.  At any meeting at which removal of an officer is considered, reasonable opportunity shall be given, before a vote, to any person wishing to either support the proposition or to defend the person under consideration.  An officer may be removed from office by declaring the office vacant as prescribed in Sections 1 and 2.


Section 4.  Filling Vacancies.  If a vacancy occurs in the office of Chair, the Regional Vice-President shall appoint a temporary Chair to serve until election of a Chair at the next meeting of the Section.  If a vacancy occurs in any other office, the Chair shall appoint someone to serve temporarily, if needed, until election of a successor at the next meeting of the Section.



Committees and Non-Elected Officers


All committees shall be appointed by the Chair and serve as directed by the Chair.





A portion of the members of the Section may be organized as a Branch if authorized by vote of the Section at one of its meetings.  The Section Chair, subject to approval of the Section shall determine the organization, program, and relationship of the Branch to the Section.  The Chair of the Branch shall report directly to and be supervised by the Section chair.





Meetings shall be held as determined by the Chair and in accordance with provisions of Article X of the Bylaws of the ION.  A quorum for transaction of business shall be four officers.





Publications shall meet the requirements of and be approved by the ION Council as required by Article XI of the Bylaws of the ION. All Section publications shall be approved by the Publicity Chair.





Section 1.  Financial Integrity.  The Treasurer shall safeguard the financial integrity of the Section.  Reports of the financial condition shall be made to the Regional Vice-President and Section officers, and to Section members as requested.


Section 2.  Sources of Funds.  The Section shall be largely self-supporting.  However, financial assistance may be requested from the National Office in such manner and not to exceed such amounts as prescribed by the Council.



Amendments to Bylaws


Section 1.  Proposal.  Amendments consistent with the Bylaws of the Region or the ION may be proposed in writing by the Section Chair or in a petition signed by all the officers of the Section.  Each proposed amendment shall be accompanied by background information indicating the reason for the change and the purpose to be accomplished by it.



Section 2.  Review.  The ION National Office shall review and approve proposed amendments prior to distribution to, or voting by, members of the Section.


Section 3.  Approval.  An amendment may be approved by a three-fourths majority of the votes cast by the voting members of the Section in a mail ballot or by a three-fourth majority of members present at a meeting of the Section at which a quorum is present.


Section 4.  Notice of Proposed Amendment.  Prior notice of a proposed amendment shall be sent to the voting membership to provide an opportunity for expression of opinions pro and con.  All such comments received within fifteen days shall be submitted with the ballot or at the meeting at which a vote is taken.  If approval is to be determined at a meeting, opportunity for verbal comment shall be given before a vote is taken.


Section 5.  Effective Date.  Ballots, where used, shall carry a statement of the time limit for their return, that is not less than fifteen days nor more than thirty days after mailing of the ballots.  An amendment shall take effect immediately upon receipt of the required number of affirmative votes unless provided otherwise in the amendment.  Notice of all amendments adopted shall be sent to the Regional Vice-President, with a copy to the National Office of the ION within fifteen days.




 Upon dissolution of the Section, any assets remaining shall be conveyed to the ION’s national office for addition to the general funds of the ION.